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                您好,歡迎來到北京暢譯國際翻譯有限ω 公司!
                全球翻譯熱線:+86 15601371851     工作時間:09:00-24:00

                 暢 譯 國 際

                Jolly Trans



                It takes seven years, say scientists, to replace the cells of the whole body. Thus, over a lapse of seven years, you are still what you are, and you are also not your former self.

                ***– the head chef of the Fashion Restaurant – and his wife ** have been married for seven years. Compared to the previous romance, sweetness and passion, there is now not a trace of hope or value in the reality.

                ** resolves to restore her marriage, but only achieving the opposite effect. The more radical she was, the more resistant *** became. Eventually, *** left the city without saying goodbye.

                One year later, ***, who underwent a thoroughgoing change, lived on Cozumel Island in Mexico with his mixed-blood girlfriend ** for a comfortable and serene life. The life of *** was turned upside down with the appearance of a Chinese woman called **. He could not help being attracted and controlled by this gorgeous sexy woman. At one party, the two of them danced together and *** suddenly realized that ** made advances to him by means of the tricks he had once used to pursue **. Can it be that the woman in front of him who is both familiar and strange is his wife?

                Behind love is hate and murder. However, he finds the long-lost feeling of love and being loved in his meticulously crafted murder. What is intended to be the revenge for love turned out to be the continuation of love.

                *** left the island and returned home......