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                您好,歡迎來到北 次日清晨京暢譯國際翻譯有限公司!
                全球翻譯熱線:+86 15601371851     工作時間:09:00-24:00

                 暢 譯 國 際

                Jolly Trans



                Pos. 1

                Butterfly valve, double flange type, PN 10 with hydraulic actuator, double-acting, required hydraulic pressure 110-135 bar layout for dry installation control block with:

                - 2 pc. screw connection GE08 (ea.) for pipe diameter 8mm

                - 2 pc. quick coupling for emergency manual override

                colour: RAL5010

                body: cast steel GP240GH (1.0619)

                disc: CuAl10Ni (2.0975) water-proof against 6 bar

                liner: NBR

                face to face acc. to EN 558 series 13 for flanges acc. to DIN PN 10 DN 350


                Pos. 2  


                Operating unit, fully assembled - hydraulic

                with hand pump, three different operating modes(open/hold/close)for the hydraulic remote control of 2 valves with double-acting actuators,

                stand-alone hydraulic circuit, without volumetric position indication, pressure indication both in supply and return line in the form of pressure gauges as indirect position feedback hydraulic hand pump P20/D, with oil receiver 4 liters

                2 glycerine pressure gauges D= 62 mm, 0-250 bar

                control valve unit with individual valve selection

                operating modes lockable, control pressure 110/140 bar

                completely assembled on base plate for wall mounting incl. hydraulic pipe connections out of stainless steel for piping 8 x 1 mm.

                 位置 1  

                蝶形閥、雙法蘭型、液壓速度倒飛了出去啟動裝置為PN10、雙動式、對於幹式安裝的控制塊要求液壓壓力為110 - 135巴的布局:

                - 2個螺紋接左眼口GE08ea.) 管徑為8mm

                - 2個速接聯軸節,用於應 何林這下子是真急手動超控 




                襯裏:腈基丁二㊣ 烯橡膠

                面對面按照EN 558系列13,法蘭按照DIN PN 10 DN 350



                操作單元, 組裝完全、液壓式、帶手動泵、帶有雙身體向啟動裝置的2個閥的液壓遙控有3種不同的操作模式 (打開/保持/關閉),獨立的液壓回路,不∩帶油位指示, 油路供回管路壓力指示以壓★力計方式作為間接的油位反饋,液壓手泵P20 / D 帶有4的儲油器

                2個甘油壓力計D = 62毫米、0-250


                操作方式可鎖定,控制壓力110 / 140

                完全組裝在基座上以便在墻上安裝,包括8 x 1毫米管系的不銹鋼液壓管連接。