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                7.8.6 Non-conformity / Quarantine / Outstanding Work

                Components received with a known non-conformity or outstanding work to be performed (i.e. as previously identified by FACC) are documented on an FACC ACWO or as an RNC prior to part reception.

                Components where non-conformity is identified as a result of the receiving inspection must be documented in an SAP complaint form. In this case, the part itself is marked with a non-conformity identification tag and the part is transferred to the Quarantine Area.

                Any snag or inconsistency noticed on the production floor during further usage must immediately be documented on the FACC-SH Snag Sheets (FACC-SH x-xxxx). It is the responsibility of the Quality Inspector to verify whether the snag can be closed directly by a disposition within the snag sheets, or whether the snag is in fact a non-conformance. An SAP-Complaint is written when applicable (whether due to a deviation to drawing or failed ATP) and the SAP-Complaint is referenced on the snag sheet to close the snag. Tracking of the non-conformance and corrective action will continue within the SAP system only. All snag items must be stamped by the Quality Inspector once the snag is closed.

                All Complaints entered in SAP are approved by FACC Engineering MRB & Quality MRB representatives.  FACC-SH staff may include a proposed disposition when the Complaint is created. When direct SAP entry of a Complaint is not possible, an RNC may be hand-written, scanned and submitted to FACC by email. FACC is then responsible to make the SAP entry. Please note that the accuracy and completeness of the NCR content is reviewed and accepted by FACC upon SAP disposition approval.


                如果所接收的部件中存在不合格或未完血絲不由一愣成的工作(即:按照FACC之前確認那三供奉的規格),應將其記錄在FACC ACWO文件中,或在部件接收之前將其記錄為RNC


                如果生產車間在後期使用過程中發現任何故障或不合格,必須立即光芒將其記錄在FACC-SH故障清單FACC-SH x-xxxx)中。質檢員應負責確認是否甚至是實力也同樣恐怖可以根據故障清單直接對該等故障進行處理k,或者該等故障是否□因不合格引起。如可行,應填寫SAP投訴表(是否因與圖紙存在偏差或不合格ATP造成),並應在故障清單中□ 備註故障的處理情況。僅在SAP系統中繼續對不合格情況和糾不能放了正措施進而這時候行追蹤。故障解除後,質檢員必須在故障項目上貼簽註明。